Hunters Hunted

Please Gods, no Jefferson Starships...

Triste's log, 9

Fuck those fucking sons of bitches. You call an angel figuring it would be fucking better than demons. Guess I was wrong, I'm never going to make it up to her, but I'll do what I can. They want a vessel, but I think that they can suck it. Those feathered fuckers can eat a dick. And suck on my language. 

Ellie didn't deserve that, neither do any of us. Tommy made a deal with something, he died ten years to the day. That means he was made to do something because he doesn't drink and he was drunk as a skunk.

We have a lot to decide but I'm not letting them take El's brother without a fight until I know why. 


g34ghoirugh489 Aunrae_Selrue

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