Hunters Hunted

What is dead can never die.

The final entry - I hope - Triste's Log

Our meeting with the vampire went better and worse than I expected. 

I let Eddie handle it because she seemed the most confident with it all. Tezca and I just sat back and listened for the most part, I just didn't have it in me after the day we'd had. Yet another person I had interacted with, paid for my presence in their life and now we had a ward in the form of a tiny puma that we were now charged with protecting. 

The vampire was old, not as old as Bhaat but the waves of power I felt coming from him were intense and not something that I would have wanted to challenge at night. He gave us a mirror and confirmed some things we already knew, this body should be under a mountain near the valley of the kings. The mirror should show us how the temple was hidden and maybe break the spell that hid it. 

On top of that he told us that there was a ritual, a cost to get what we needed, and frankly, I was tired of the whole thing by that point. What he said though was that a willing sacrifice would need to have their heart cut out and then the body would rise and do … something. 

I know what I mean to do, and I don't know if they will let me, but I'm the most logical choice. They need everyone else. I have some skills, but not skills that anyone else doesn't already have covered. I'm going to talk to Denver tonight about it, or maybe tomorrow when I sober up, but I'm going to tell him what I plan and start saying my goodbyes. Quietly though, because if everyone knows ahead of time, they will do something stupid and a mage will show up or something. In the event that I don't get to it before we get to the temple… I'm going to leave them here too, since Tezca and Que will go through my things to find useful information at some point. 

We'll start there. Twins, I don't want to get mushy, but you've saved my ass more than a few times and I owe you. Find the monsters that made you this, kill them, and then settled down someplace quiet where people will leave you alone. You don't need this, you are too smart to just be gun bunnies. Que, don't piss off Jim, he just wants to train you. Learn from him and be a good little psycho. Ana, you could have been one hell of a lawyer, thank you for pulling me out of the funk I was in with your belief in my methods, and always having whiskey. Drink a few for me. 

Edie, take anything you need from my body to test what happened to us. Find the science to help people so they don't lose their families like I did. No one deserves that. No one should have to kill their own son for becoming a monster, and no one should carry that with them. Find a cure. You want samples of Setite and Malkavian blood, if you can get it in one source the better. Help them find the thing that turned my son, Que and Tezca will know how to find the names you need. They already traced them. 

Denver, thanks for not always being a dick. We each had a hard start, I hope they find the thing that destroyed your life, and I am sorry that we didn't get it first thing. Too much happened too fast. You deserve vengeance. So does Asia, and I know you all will get it for her too. You are looking for a Malkavian Setite hybrid that turns kids. Burn him for me. Thanks for the moonshine.

Remy, thanks for not turning me in when you could have. You are a good guy. I wish that we'd have been on the same side of the law, because I think we would have been good friends. Watch your back with the Nos, and say some Creole prayers for me, I'll need them.  There are some books in my things that will help the group, make sure they get to the right people. 

Jim, we don't know each other well, but I trust that you will understand why I'm doing what I'm doing. You'll have to trust someone eventually, but be careful who you trust, not everyone is as understanding. Don't feel bad, but you are literally the first anything that has been that close in longer than I'd care to admit, furry or no. I owe you for that, so my best whiskey is in my flask, which is probably on me, because I am glutton for punishment. You're right, I didn't actually needed it, but it helped me not do other things so maybe it was for the best. You can have my truck when you all get back to the states, it's in great condition with some fun features. Good luck in finding a new skirt to chase, I'm sorry that the scale is so high. 


g34ghoirugh489 Caprica

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