Hunters Hunted

The Trap

And this is when he died...

Remy was separated from the others when Valkenburg went down.  In true Game of Thrones fashion, he got to safety, survived for three weeks using money sent from a friend, but that friend turned out to be someone else with a captured cell phone.

Once they knew where he was, they tried to use a taser to take him captive.  Unfortunately he wasn't completely incapacitated, and when he resisted he heard the terrible 'click' before the shot that ended his life.

That was when things got complicated, because he realized he was in a car with Tezca, and when she gasped, he was suddenly in another car with Triste—and she screamed!

Several tense minutes later, the group lost/recovered a member, and knew that things were much more complicated than they ever believed.  Spider gods, cat monsters, werewolves, mages, ghouls, vampires, Valkenburg… and now something was worse, and it doesn't even have a name yet.


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