Hunters Hunted

The Rabbit Hole

The plane landed in Cuzco without issue, but the Hunters were met by Kindred on the runway.

After purchasing passage using the name of Batavius Ecclemedes, the coterie was dropped off in the public square without incident.  It was more important to keep their arrival a secret than it was to kick vampire ass.

Their greatest contact and asset Senora Ramirez was nearly captured, but escaped with her children, save one that was playing with the street urchin the coterie had adopted.

Jim, Ema, Cuicatl, Triste, Remy, Edie, and Denver are forced to wait a week before journeying into the mountains of Peru in search of Tzental, the lost city believed the resting place of a vampire known only as Koyan in ancient texts and as "the Wanderer" in modern nights.

Ramirez knew a contact who could lead them farther, but there was a risk.

The contact was a Sabbat bishop with a fetish for young women.  The twisted Montano believes that he is assembling the voice of the one true God to sing for his people and lead them back into the light.  Lost on the road to Golconda, he has followed twelve families since 1271 through the centuries seeking to convince their bloodlines to join his undead choir, and make his voice of God heard by the faithful once more.

The party leaves at dawn, carrying a relic from the past he believes will identify the lost city, a mirror "that once saw the magic that obscured Tzental from history."



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