Hunters Hunted

Take a break he says...

Triste's log, 8

You know, I think I've lost track of time. It's been like two weeks since the week in the hotel, which still ended with a horrible shit-show that landed us in Montana. We're missing Remy, we're missing Denver, and Ellie is down for the count. Frankly I kind of hope that Jeremy the mage-boy is keeping the girls safe, because they don't need to live this life. 

We were on the Res for a few days, walking with a guy who died leaning against a tree. Then we dealt with a corrupt preacher, some wyrm ridden cops, and managed to get back to Michigan before dinner. I was hoping for a few days to regroup, maybe actually eat something that didn't come from a can and sleep because it's been days, but we were told immediately that we had to be out by Friday. 

My first instinct was that we'd worn our welcome out with Bhaat, turns out the problem is bigger than that. 

What really pisses me off about this is that not only is Ellie stuck a vampire, and pissed as fuck, but there is literally nothing I can do about it. My gut is to say fuck it and go after her master, but Bhaat doesn't think I can do it. Or rather, doesn't want me to. 

Jim went back to his pack, I was pretty sure that he was gone, it doesn't matter that I got attached. People have to do what they have to do, and maybe he just wanted some people to get wolfy with. 

I was going to be okay and just let this pass, but when they told me my kid was in the lobby… Taylor was in Duat, so there is no reason that he should be up walking and talking in a fucking vampire hotel. 

Like I've said, impulse control is no longer my strong suit. Walking away isn't enough to deal with the rage that is building against that thing wearing my son's body. That tree probably didn't deserve what I did to it, but it was that, or hit Edie, and I would have killed her. Then I would have been in shit for sure. 

Jim found me in the woods because it's what he does. I immediately wished that I had beaten up some poor schmuck instead of the tree… I intereupted the whole wolfy thing, and probably ruined a great howl or something. 

He walked me back to Edie and Tezca, who were waiting for me in the parking lot, and when asked if anyone else had relatives that might come back to fuck us, I dropped the bomb. Probably not my best plan but anger makes you do stupid shit. My stupid wealthy parents and their parents have been supporting Valkenburg for years. I was supposed to be a hunter, hell they might have set up what happened to my family just to drive me into the business. 

I spent the night in the middle of the floor of our gigantic suite trying to drown my sorrows to no avail. I don't even think I can get drunk anymore, but it was that or burst into tears. Mummies don't cry, right? 

So, here we are, in my truck, Jim's driving, I'm trying to beat the remnants of the last few nights out of my head before we have to go to work. Bhaat's progeny is with Q and T in their truck, with Edie. They thought it wouldn't be such a great idea to have the werewolf in the same car… It wouldn't have mattered, really. At this point Jim's probably more reasonable about them than I am. 

Benton Harbor, home of baby thin bloods and likely the body of my last living friend from Ellie's. This shit sucks, but at least I will make that death worth something. It's really all I can do, we are fighting a loosing battle, and I'm not gonna get off this ride for a good long time. So, best to take out as many as we can so this doesn't happen to anyone else. …I feel like we've been here before, so maybe this time we'll get it right. 


g34ghoirugh489 Caprica

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