Hunters Hunted

Elle is Dead

Everything we know is real.

Tommy was delirious and close to death when a name escaped his lips.  Then he woke with a new purpose and a healed body.  Ten years later, to the day, he failed to find what he was sent for, and he died.

The next day, after seeing his death through his own eyes, Triste called out for the same name, and he answered.  His name was Adriel.  In no uncertain terms he explained why there were seven heavens—because the world had been restarted six times, and the things that had survived did not belong in this world and would be purged.

Then he said, "I will make you a deal.  You will find the vessel for me, what Thomas failed to locate, and I will destroy an enemy for you."

They agreed.

It vanished, and a few minutes later on the other side of the state, Elle was just getting out of her car when she noticed something unusual about Remy's car.  Then something appeared behind her, and stabbed her with a blessed blade.  Sparks flowed from her eyes and her mouth, but very little blood escaped from the hole left by the blade.

Even as security began to pour out of the nearby building, the form that appeared behind her had already gone, and only the sound of fluttering wings could be heard in the vacant lot, as her body was struck lifeless to the ground.

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