Hunters Hunted

... And that's how I ended up spending a week in a hotel.

Triste's log, 7

Let's start at the beginning shall we? Jim was pissed because I didn't tell him I was going to sacrifice myself. So, flash forward to days later and he's gone. Just gone. Which is really annoying considering I grew attached. I mean it's not like true love or anything, but a girl can appreciate someone who will shift into a dog just to comfort her when she's crying against a wall with a bottle of whiskey. 

So, dumbass me gets a note from who I presume to be Jim and rush out with guns unfurled to talk some, okay beat some sense into the man. Turns out, it's the Valkenburg foundation and they wanted a chat. Ana, Remy, Edie and I agree to go with them, they have my wolf after-all.

A plane ride later, and they put me in a library (IE interrogation room) to "talk". A lawyer comes in and wants to know what we are doing, I stonewalled him and told him to bring me my wolf, to which he left and promised to talk to someone who could. Ana found me a few minutes later, and we ended up chatting with their butler and explaining their mistake. 

I'm not sure when, Que got there eventually. The butler took us to their boss and we explained to him just how fucked they were. He was getting the point when things went sideways. We played marco-polo with Que as he made his way up to us with his new friend, and Jim. The Colonel and Que exchanged blows, unfortunately for him, I hit him back. Que threw him out the window while Ana made her way to the hallway. 

We got out fast, after borrowing a truck, and I spent my time trying to put Jim back together. He was knocked out with drugs so we found a place to lay low for a little while, found out the truck was low-jacked while Que went grocery shopping… and we ditched it, and made our way a few hours out of town to lay low. 

At this point we are playing at real life. No monsters, no contracts, no mysterious phone calls. Jim is better, I talked him into staying and not being a pompas idiot. I may have beaten him viciously with my tongue… take that as you will.  So, the four of us are all snuggly, and when I say snuggly… I mean snuggly.  

At this point we don't know where Edie and Remy are, we don't know where Denver is, and frankly, we've been awfully busy making room service work for their money to be too terribly upset. I'm pretty sure that Ana and I have field stripped our weapons about six hundred times, and the boys are training together out in the back when they aren't spending their time trying to figure out which one of them can be the most distracting.

Something about this feels incredibly right, but the realist in me wonders just how long it could possibly last. 


g34ghoirugh489 Caprica

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