This storyteller drama is about a collection of fledgling hunters, raised with no knowledge of the things that go "bump in the night." After each suffered a personal tragedy, they could not deny its existence.  When they finally meet up in Ludington, Michigan at a dive bar where hunters congregate, one of them reveals he knows what killed some of their loved ones, a demon, and he has found a way to track and kill it.

Meanwhile, some of the hunters have started to develop frightening abilities to detect the otherworldly creatures, and visions of people dying before it actually happens. These visions are somehow connected to the demon and its mysterious plans.  When the local sheriff dies striking a deal with the very same demon the hunters are determined to finish the crusade. 


Today is the day
I wanted so much to say
Thanks for the tears
Thanks for the fears
Thank you for so many lost years
Thanks for the pain

Thanks for the black and blue affection
Thanks for the debt
Thank you for all the times you lost a bet
Thank you for causing so much strife
And last but not least…..
Thank you for taking my life.

- Matthew Hyatt

Hunters Hunted

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