Hunters Hunted

Beginnings are just ends with a pen name.
Triste's Log, 10

Jim and I have been talking, and the truth is, Remy's on borrowed time. The truth is though, the more we talk about it, the more likely it is that he'll know. We might have years, or it might be next week, but it's the beginning of the end for him. 

We have a plan to talk to Remy's mom, she can take care of his family so they don't starve. Maybe she can get the them hell out of Detroit before it goes to hell. It's safer than some friends showing up and trying to convince her that we were close with Rem. We knew him, we know him, but we weren't close. 

Maybe we should be closer. It might help for a little while. We should have a talk with him about the mages. Tell him we plan to use them and find out who got him. He deserves to have justice before the end. 

I would help him, but the likelihood that he has a body is slim to none… which means this is what is. 

We are being watched by other Hunters now, which means our reputation is proceeding us and we need to be more quiet about who and how we work. It's the only way that we will be able to keep this up. My connections are being questioned too, which means I am being watched by more than just hunters.

People keep suggesting that we are running too far too fast… that we need a base camp, and we'd have one but then people would be more likely to find it or trash it. The idea of having a home again though is appealing. Maybe it is just the fact that I'm consistently with people again and feeling… maybe this is pass when more of them succumb. 

I try not to bring it up, but I'm fairly sure Jim sees it when I look at them. We've talked about it, that I know this isn't going to last. I'm going to keep going forever… and he has this stupid romantic notion that he'll just keep coming back and come find me, but I know something he doesn't and that isn't what is going to happen.

Pain is feeling too right? Reminds us we are alive. 

Ghosts of Night and Morning

The girl at the hospital had been beaten down, gone to the hospital to recover, and had been attacked a second time on her way out of the hospital by a man who apparently suffered a heart attack and died.

She was admitted to the hospital with a bruised spleen and multiple deep bruises.

While she was being interviewed by "the Fed," the woman in the next bed suddenly went into cardiac arrest.  She was worked.  She was called.  Everyone left… and then she got up.

The attack was brutal and fast, and amidst fire alarms and a variety of other distractions, Sherry Ives was hurled from a hospital third floor window to the parking lot—but she did not die.  She was safely in the arms of a ghoul.

Van rides are quiet when you have too much to say.

The convention center was bustling.  A fake bom threat.  A vacant building.  Fifteen casualties, some thrown through windows.  More zombies.

On the roof, they finally caught up with the demon possessing a poor, sad little necromancer who managed in his loneliness to conjure something truly dangerous, and the demon exorcised was forced away.

The authorities were none the wiser, and the casualties would be attributed to the same crises already gripping most of the globe.

It's sad that Hunters can abide in daylight what none should see in shadow.


How will he take all of this?

So Remy had a mom, who was apparently a great big southern hoodoo girl.

He also had a wife and child living somewhere near the border of the D.  Go figure.  Since he's accused of running guns and drugs from the Detroit Arsenal and evidence lockers at City, they're going to have a hard way to go, but the coterie is trying to remember their fleeting humanity.

They're also hiding it from Remy, which is a recipe for disaster.

A wraith can only exist for so long.  It begins to sense that it doesn't belong.  It realizes it's not finding revenge, absolution, justice… or whatever else it needed when it died.  Eventually the clock runs out, and it becomes a whirling dervish of destructive energy, lashing out at whatever it recognizes in the guise of its former life and objective.

All wraiths fall.  It's a race to fulfill their goal, before Oblivion.



Week Off for Good Behavior

The party made their way to Michigan City in search of their old friend Tommy, but their worst fears were realized.  Remy was dead, Elle was dead, and Brutus was on his way from Gladwin, presumably to rebuild the team…

And here was the group of former hunters with a monster of every kind in its coterie.  Almost by the numbers, this looked like a shit idea.


Please Gods, no Jefferson Starships...
Triste's log, 9

Fuck those fucking sons of bitches. You call an angel figuring it would be fucking better than demons. Guess I was wrong, I'm never going to make it up to her, but I'll do what I can. They want a vessel, but I think that they can suck it. Those feathered fuckers can eat a dick. And suck on my language. 

Ellie didn't deserve that, neither do any of us. Tommy made a deal with something, he died ten years to the day. That means he was made to do something because he doesn't drink and he was drunk as a skunk.

We have a lot to decide but I'm not letting them take El's brother without a fight until I know why. 

Elle is Dead

Everything we know is real.

Tommy was delirious and close to death when a name escaped his lips.  Then he woke with a new purpose and a healed body.  Ten years later, to the day, he failed to find what he was sent for, and he died.

The next day, after seeing his death through his own eyes, Triste called out for the same name, and he answered.  His name was Adriel.  In no uncertain terms he explained why there were seven heavens—because the world had been restarted six times, and the things that had survived did not belong in this world and would be purged.

Then he said, "I will make you a deal.  You will find the vessel for me, what Thomas failed to locate, and I will destroy an enemy for you."

They agreed.

It vanished, and a few minutes later on the other side of the state, Elle was just getting out of her car when she noticed something unusual about Remy's car.  Then something appeared behind her, and stabbed her with a blessed blade.  Sparks flowed from her eyes and her mouth, but very little blood escaped from the hole left by the blade.

Even as security began to pour out of the nearby building, the form that appeared behind her had already gone, and only the sound of fluttering wings could be heard in the vacant lot, as her body was struck lifeless to the ground.

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The Vampires of Walmart
We went out the Window!

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Jumping out the vent with a pilfered Malkavian child, the party made a hasty getaway, and returned to the hotel.  That poor manager found his car after the cops broke up a fight where a woman was hit repeatedly with a stiletto for a broken phone she didn't take, and where a dozen or so ceiling tiles were dropped on the store floor below.

The silent Malkavian child was the only vampire they found when the store security called for a missing child, and a frantic search turned up only silence.  Maggie was not there.

The Umbra
Upside Down?

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The Trap
And this is when he died...

Remy was separated from the others when Valkenburg went down.  In true Game of Thrones fashion, he got to safety, survived for three weeks using money sent from a friend, but that friend turned out to be someone else with a captured cell phone.

Once they knew where he was, they tried to use a taser to take him captive.  Unfortunately he wasn't completely incapacitated, and when he resisted he heard the terrible 'click' before the shot that ended his life.

That was when things got complicated, because he realized he was in a car with Tezca, and when she gasped, he was suddenly in another car with Triste—and she screamed!

Several tense minutes later, the group lost/recovered a member, and knew that things were much more complicated than they ever believed.  Spider gods, cat monsters, werewolves, mages, ghouls, vampires, Valkenburg… and now something was worse, and it doesn't even have a name yet.

Take a break he says...
Triste's log, 8

You know, I think I've lost track of time. It's been like two weeks since the week in the hotel, which still ended with a horrible shit-show that landed us in Montana. We're missing Remy, we're missing Denver, and Ellie is down for the count. Frankly I kind of hope that Jeremy the mage-boy is keeping the girls safe, because they don't need to live this life. 

We were on the Res for a few days, walking with a guy who died leaning against a tree. Then we dealt with a corrupt preacher, some wyrm ridden cops, and managed to get back to Michigan before dinner. I was hoping for a few days to regroup, maybe actually eat something that didn't come from a can and sleep because it's been days, but we were told immediately that we had to be out by Friday. 

My first instinct was that we'd worn our welcome out with Bhaat, turns out the problem is bigger than that. 

What really pisses me off about this is that not only is Ellie stuck a vampire, and pissed as fuck, but there is literally nothing I can do about it. My gut is to say fuck it and go after her master, but Bhaat doesn't think I can do it. Or rather, doesn't want me to. 

Jim went back to his pack, I was pretty sure that he was gone, it doesn't matter that I got attached. People have to do what they have to do, and maybe he just wanted some people to get wolfy with. 

I was going to be okay and just let this pass, but when they told me my kid was in the lobby… Taylor was in Duat, so there is no reason that he should be up walking and talking in a fucking vampire hotel. 

Like I've said, impulse control is no longer my strong suit. Walking away isn't enough to deal with the rage that is building against that thing wearing my son's body. That tree probably didn't deserve what I did to it, but it was that, or hit Edie, and I would have killed her. Then I would have been in shit for sure. 

Jim found me in the woods because it's what he does. I immediately wished that I had beaten up some poor schmuck instead of the tree… I intereupted the whole wolfy thing, and probably ruined a great howl or something. 

He walked me back to Edie and Tezca, who were waiting for me in the parking lot, and when asked if anyone else had relatives that might come back to fuck us, I dropped the bomb. Probably not my best plan but anger makes you do stupid shit. My stupid wealthy parents and their parents have been supporting Valkenburg for years. I was supposed to be a hunter, hell they might have set up what happened to my family just to drive me into the business. 

I spent the night in the middle of the floor of our gigantic suite trying to drown my sorrows to no avail. I don't even think I can get drunk anymore, but it was that or burst into tears. Mummies don't cry, right? 

So, here we are, in my truck, Jim's driving, I'm trying to beat the remnants of the last few nights out of my head before we have to go to work. Bhaat's progeny is with Q and T in their truck, with Edie. They thought it wouldn't be such a great idea to have the werewolf in the same car… It wouldn't have mattered, really. At this point Jim's probably more reasonable about them than I am. 

Benton Harbor, home of baby thin bloods and likely the body of my last living friend from Ellie's. This shit sucks, but at least I will make that death worth something. It's really all I can do, we are fighting a loosing battle, and I'm not gonna get off this ride for a good long time. So, best to take out as many as we can so this doesn't happen to anyone else. …I feel like we've been here before, so maybe this time we'll get it right. 


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